Wednesday, 18 November 2009

With Thanks To My Good Friend Kiva! 'IGMA Fellow' WooooHooooo!!!

Now I'm not very good at keeping up with online blogs and suchlike, but, I have to say a big thank you  to Kiva, for including me in her own mini food blog; and perhaps that's why I now have five followers LoL! I guess we miniaturists are all a little busy this time of year; and I'm no exception - Christmas and all that! Miniatures make such wonderful gifts . . .

Anyhow, here's Kiva:- a most amazing and talented 'IGMA Fellow' 'now! Soooo well deserved too! An inspiration to us all . . . she creates the most unusal and 'oddball' (to quote her good self ) miniatures and in such a divine way - I love her work! Here's a few piccies . . .

I Love this Kiva - so cute!

Well, thats' all from me today; and I do hope you'll take a look at Kiva's blog - MUCH more entertaining than mine {:O)

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  1. Oh Carol!!! A big, hearty MWUAAA to YOU, the queen of fine detailing, I might add!! Now you will be forced to update your blog more often ;-). But your work is worth the wait, no matter how much...or how little you get around to posting! Thanks Carol!!