Tuesday 9 February 2010

What the . . . ?!?

I just had to come back and mention the 'security feature - type in these letters before posting a comment box' . . . can you believe it came up with the word  'pumbies' for me to type in a few moments ago LoL?! Sounds like a 'google whacker' ROFL - we'll have to post the funny one me thinks . . .

Valentine's Day? Is it that long since Christmas!?!

Now I know I've been away from here for a goodly while, but after spending the day in bed ill on Christmas Day, recovery seems to have been in fits and starts . . . this pc I use - it's up in the converted loft space; and soooo cold, during the snowy, hard frost weather we've been enduring - that I couldn't bear to be up here! Anyhow, it's warming up nicely now; and so I hope to indulge my blog some more; and more frequently {:O) Meantime, I'm sure Kiva's been keeping you entertained, I said in previous posts that 'Kiva's blog will be more entertaining than mine' and it is!

Anyhow, for the more romantically inclined of you out there, here's a little something I created for this weekend's special day . . . catch you soon!

My husband creates the wood turnings BTW - and this one is Ebony - mine, mine, mine! Cheesecake is up for sale though {:O)

This is sooooo tiny! Love it! Only have the one though, I don't enjoy making 'sweet treats' as much as the other minis I create . . .