Tuesday 30 March 2010

Easter's Almost Upon Us !

Well, before we all get totally eggbound this weekend, I thought I'd post a pic of one of my all time favourites with my followers . . . these are teeny-tiny; and are so pretty!

I have now recovered from Spring Miniatura {:OS - but - my feet are still a bit sore, hope everyone that visited enjoyed it; and thanks to all of you who popped by to say 'hello' and saw my minis 'in the flesh' and bought some {:OD Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . I now have to build up more stock for the next one . . . sharp intake of breath! Bye for now then . . .

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a fan of Easter things in general, but there's something about pastel coloured eggs . . . maybe they remind me of those coloured coated chickpeas I used to love when I was little. These look lovely.
    When I was typing 'easter' just then, it typo-ed itself to 'eatser' - freudian slip!! All that food! I suppose that's what Lent is all about, but it doesn't make sense here, we're all topsy turvy with lent in autumn.

    I'm insanely envious of those who go to the fab British fairs and shows!!